The Philippines is currently facing different problems especially in the sector of agriculture. Many Filipinos depend on what the government gives for them and we blame the government too if there is something that went wrong. These are some of the problems we think that needs an urgent solution. Overall, one cannot determine, “why is the Philippines poor?” with a single answer. Rather, the country’s poverty is a consequence of several issues, many of which a result of the Philippines’ troubled history. Current President Noynoy Aquino’s successive blunders, from pork barrel scandals to the Mamasapano incident, are the latest episodes in the story of a decaying political system. Healthcare in the Philippines does not meet the standard outlines by the World Health Organization in order to label a healthcare system "well-functioning." January 08, 2021 BY: Yolanda Sotelo. Conclusion : Environmental Issues in the Philippines The Philippines is prone to natural disasters, particularly typhoons, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis, lying as it does astride the typhoon belt, in the active volcanic region known as the "Pacific Ring of Fire," and in the geologically unstable region between the Pacific and Eurasian tectonic plates. Cignal TV has contracted Hughes Network Systems to provide HughesNet broadband service to its two million subscribers in the Philippines.As reported by Satellite, Hughes made the announcement on May 27, 2020.. Cignal TV will utilize Hughes’ Jupiter … Most of our farms are have already shrunk in size due to the fast growth of our population.… The economic and class divide of Philippine society has long been a fundamental issue in Philippine education. One big issue is the economy, Philippines do have the means to prosper economically but some of us are lazy. In the Philippines, the drug problem is considered a national concern that impacts not only the security but also the health, social, and economic well-being of Filipinos. There are still many issues that the country has yet to overcome to achieve a high quality, cost efficient healthcare system. 1. Top stories, photos, videos, detailed analysis and in-depth reporting. In 2016, the Philippine government launched a campaign against illegal drugs. In the Philippines, the lack of education is the primary reason why it cannot move forward towards progress, and has led to social problems such as: scarcity of job opportunities, impoverished family life, and lack of environmental concerns among the marginalized members of our society. The global crisis is first and foremost a public health issue, but Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has faced the coronavirus pandemic in a decidedly militaristic fashion. image source Cignal website. However, despite the massive internet problems in the Philippines, there is a glimmer of hope. Headlines. COVID … Small farm size; 78% farms are less than 3 hectares. Coverage of breaking news and current headlines from the Philippines and around the world. 2 drug suspects nabbed in Pangasinan. The Philippines is one of the poster boys for democracy’s disintegration in Southeast Asia. While the challenge of overcoming poverty is especially complicated for the Philippines, it is by no means impossible. Philippine Daily Inquirer Archives | Inquirer News Regions. The Philippines' rich biodiversity is under threat, mostly from human activities, including deforestation and forest degradation, illegal fishing and illicit wildlife trade.