Graphtech. Nut and saddle making is Lutherie 101. -Ken W in Portland, Oregon. -BJ. Not only is Bob's elephant ivory legal, as I understand it part of the proceeds from its sale go to a fund to help protect the animals from future poaching. It's an amazing player and awesome sounding dread. The results were delightful! It seems to be down. I’m pretty much a low tech one guitar cheap bastard who does his own set ups. It also the primary terminus of the suspended strings where the vibrations are transferred to the bridge and tonewood body of the instrument. Dean -18A '37. When you go to a jumbo instrument (like mine), you gain tone, complexity, and resonance, but at the cost of decreased brightness. I've seen that Bob Colosi has a kit with instructions, but since international shipping for the kit is more expensive than the kit itself and I already own good wood that can be used for shims, I just thought I ask here how you guys do it. Quick View Compare Sold Out. After going back and forth between this and bone, I finally realize the benefits of this saddle. Bob Colosi Exact Copy Bone Saddle Anyone? By Todd Stuart Phillips . Martin® Style Drop In Saddles - Imitation ivory rods and bars. The ideal string height is 2mm for the high E string, and 3 mm for the low E string, at the 12th fret. I was considering selling this instrument, as it just wasn't quite bright enough. BTW, I'd like to get a few opinions on which makes the most diffence in tone, saddle, bridge pins, or nut? Made to your specification for all types of guitars: steel, classical, electric acoustic. I asked Bob why he did not have Eastman pre made saddles and he said they were too inconsistent in size? Reverb - Larrivee LV-03K Koa Custom Acoustic/Electric Guitar - … Thanks again. And louder. I am not using either since I obtained a tall original Eastman type saddle from Eastman Co in Ca. The saddle on an acoustic guitar is the thin strip of hard material embedded in the bridge which helps determine the height of the strings. Bob Colosi is a gifted craftsman, this I know. I re-installed the ivory saddle, after correcting a flatness problem I discovered on the bottom of the saddle (my error when I previously sanded to size...). I have two bone Bob Colosi compensated saddles for my E10D.. Thanks. DVD-quality lessons (including tabs/sheet music) available for immediate viewing on any device. Cool, thanks for the advice. Custom Made Bone Guitar Saddles By Chris Alsop. I'd love to be able to get one that's "pretty close", but the one place I know to go to, Bob Colosi, doesn't list Guilds on his site. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Colosi won’t ship them outside of Georgia, so unless you live there you can’t get one anyway; ... Its everyones choice, but before considering ivory, exhaust options with strings, picks, and really good bone saddle and nut (which you would already have on a SCGC instrument) and set-up. The dust that gets into the lungs does not come out, and is not absorbed by the body. It's deformed a bit, plus it's super tall so I'd like to stick a bone saddle in there. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. All I can tell you is I've done it with Colosi saddles on a number guitars; Taylor, Guild, even a Blueridge (that came with a bone saddle) and I've noticed an improvement on all of them. Saddles made to fit all makes of guitar including Martin, Seagull, Takamine, Ovation, Yamaha, Washburn, Fender, Tanglewood, Crafter, Admira, Freshman, Hofner and many more. Graphtech. The guitar is 27 years old and as far as I can tell doesn’t need a neck reset now or anytime in the near future. £10.28. If you overdo it, you can salvage the saddle with an ebony shim from Bob Colosi. Supercharge your practice! I like to go to 2.5 mm for the high E, in case a groove wears in the saddle over time, and I need to sand it out. If the slot doesn't allow for a good fit, the LB6 can have trouble, just like any other saddle or undersaddle pickup. Bob Colosi does make replacement saddles for a lot of production CNC made guitars...and they pretty much work, but there still may be some fine fitting. A warning before I sign off... All bone and ivory saddles give the hazard of inhalation of the fine dust, which can supposedly lead to lung problems. Practice Tracks for Flatpickers Monthly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, flatpicked guitar news and more. Not touching Ivory. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to, 'The 8th of January - Guitar/Banjo Harmony', 'Message from Banjo Ben Clark - Tony Rice Passing', 'Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar E/Em Chord Strum', 'How to play cripple creek back up chords and strum'. 6,946 426 1. The buyer then sands down the saddle to the precise thickness for his specific instrument, so it will just slip in without forcing, but not have slop front & back. For the price, it is a steal. Hi, It seems that shimming a bone saddle on an acoustic guitar has to be done properly if you don't want to loose tone. Acoustic Guitar W Custom Set Dreadnought Steel String Acoustic Guitar Huss Dalton Adirondack And Mahogany Taylor Gs Mini Acoustic Guitar Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Rosewood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Tokai Cat's Eyes Tokai Cat's S Eyes Spruce Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Tokai Cat's Samick Acoustic Guitar 12-Fret 000 Larrivee Parlor Acoustic Guitar All Solid Woods … Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Note: The foundation courses that a student should take may be reduced or waived; however, the student has to complete the units requirement by taking more elective subjects as substitute to the foundation courses. But tonight I removed the LR Baggs Element UST and replaced the Tusq saddle and plastic bridge pins with a bone saddle and bone bridge pins from Bob Colosi. Quick View Compare Sold Out. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2021 Flatpicker Hangout. All Rights Reserved. (that was my initial mistake...). I'm finally sending my Gibson J45 Tusq saddle to Bob Colosi for an exact copy in bone. 6,946 426 1. But the HD-28V is not a drop-in saddle nor do I believe it is a compensated saddle. It dialed in the brightness that was lacking, without removing tone and complexity of sound. -BJ, yes change both the saddle and pins...its money well spent. Upgrades include wood truss rod cover, Bob Colosi Bone Saddle, and Taylor Ebony Bridge Pins; I will include the originals. The bone robbed the J45 of all it's warmth and low end. The height is then sanded to proper height, making sure your sandpaper is on a really flat surface! I was trying to order a bone saddle for my guitar. … Only way to find out is to give it … If we have bone, we want fossilized ivory. I get a high volume of these daily! My advice is to go SLOWLY when grinding--be very, very patient. Bob Colosi says on his website " Often overlooked in terms of the sound your acoustic guitar produces, the Hi All, Is there anywhere that I could buy a pre-shaped bone saddle for my BR-73 Acoustic? The same can't be said of the cows, of course. This review supersedes my previous review for this item. Is Bob Colosi's web site still Bob's products are top notch and do the job. However, if you want to "dial-in" the tone on a guitar that is too warm / dark in tone, this may be a Godsend. use your old saddle as a guide, and dray a line across the bottom of the saddle where you want to sand it to. Solid woods throughout with spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides.Other features include a Bob Colosi bone saddle and ebony fretboard and bridge. Rosewood has some of this same difficulty; it has wonderful overtones and complexity, but doesn't tend to give the brightness that maple back and sides would give (maple lacks in the overtone/complexity area). Overall, she’s in what I would consider very-good to great condition, with what I consider as normal wear, which include a few small dings, and a … You should be cautious in this area, and use a face mask to be safe. 43mm Bone Nut & Compensated Bone Saddle for Acoustic Guitars. Registered Member. Bone - Ebony, Abalone, Faux Tortoise or NO inlay : 37.00: Bone - Double ... Bob Colosi 107 Partridge Lane St Marys, GA 31558. Only selling as it gets no play time and need to downsize. Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Guitar Saddle. "As for nut and saddle materials, keep in mind that harder is not always better. Post Jul 10, 2017 #1 2017-07-10T09:15. Bob talks about the materials he uses and where they come from on his web site. I'll be going with the bone saddle to start with and then onto the pins hopefully before my next restring. I'm going for the bone saddle and pins soon to follow. I installed a Bob Colosi bone saddle and pins about two years ago and took the saddle down just a bit. With this hardness, it should last a really long time! Great thanks guys. Expecting generic bone nuts and saddles to fit instruments is really not realistic. Add to Wish List. And it will seem like it's taking forever but suddenly it'll be just right, so you don't want to grind too much--you will then have one useless piece of bone on your hands. Buy Bone Saddle in Guitar Saddles and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Supercharge your practice! My take is that the order I just presented is sorted by most to least influential on sound, but I would like to hear others' take on this. integrated pickups and many more. I've replaced the Tusq saddle on a J45 I used to own and immediately went back to the Tusq saddle. I replaced the saddle and pins in my 314CE with bone. I am thankful for the service Bob Colosi gives to the guitarists looking for ideal tone. Get the Stewmac saddle and send in the original for a Colosi replacement bone if you want. I am not offended by this risk factor, but it does need to be weighed into the equation. Up for bid is my 2011 Breedlove American made D/SRe guitar. Since the Colosi Bone LB6's are made by custom order for Bob, they are not covered under any standard LR Baggs warranty. If you send me a saddle or pin to be copied, it MUST be in a padded envelope. Dean -18A '37. I could not tell a huge difference but I supsect it made some improvement and IMO it looks better, FWTW LOL. Comes with an upgraded case that normally comes with the 500 series and up. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself! General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion, Where Purchased: web site, Bob Colosi's West African Ivory saddle was just what I needed for my Tacoma JR55 jumbo (rosewood back and sides) six-string guitar. He deliberately makes them about .001 to 003" thicker than needed, and a bit of extra height. If we have Micarta as the stock material, we want bone. I tried the saddle shown on Amazon, Ebay and Mcnichols Guitars (9mm center height) but it was too short to allow me to obtain 2/32 & 3/32" string heights at the 12th fret. 2. 400+ tunes bundles available, each with chord charts and various speeds. Wash your clothes after the sanding job, and wash your hands. Cleaner, sweeter sounding tones if that makes sense. Maury’s Music use to sell them, but no longer carry Blueridge products, so that is out. (yes, I have had to do that on other saddles too!). Bob Colosi's West African Ivory saddle was just what I needed for my Tacoma JR55 jumbo (rosewood back and sides) six-string guitar. Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online flatpicked guitar teacher. He sent me some veneer shims, which I used, I just needed (1) .020”. An added bonus: West African ivory is the hardest saddle material that is usable in the tonal range of the guitar. The saddle in my '67 F30 is made of plastic or something similar by the looks of it. Didn't know fossilized ivory was used, thats cool, they were dead anyways.....but if anythings getting shot no matter how small or legal, I just can't do it....I'm just a suck, No animals are being harmed to make the ivory Bob sells. This guitar appears to have had a neck reset at some point in it's life (see last 2 pics) and a little of the clearcoat … Well, my friend who has a HD-28V played my HD-28 that is fitted with a Colosi bone saddle and bone pins and now he wants to do the same -- via a luthier. GraphTech PQ5000 TUSQ Nut - Curved Bottom for Stratocaster / Telecaster etc.. £9.99. 400+ tunes bundles available, each with chord charts and various speeds. My three Eastman's seem pretty similar. It seems we tend to want to move up on the hardness scale anytime we plan on changing these things out. I should add I bought the Colosi saddle shim kit just to have in my guitar tool kit. Just wondering if this is a worthwile upgrade on a Taylor 314 with stock saddle. you won't be sorry--all my guitars except the D-18GE (which came with FWI saddle 7 & nut) now have Colosi bone, FWI or FMI saddles, and the tone and sustain are clearer and more complex. I did speak with Bob Colosi (Guitar Bone saddle. The guitar was built in November 2013 and played very little. you won't be sorry--all my guitars except the D-18GE (which came with FWI saddle 7 & nut) now have Colosi bone, FWI or FMI saddles, and the tone and sustain are clearer and more complex. (prior review has been removed and replaced with this one) Note: The Bob Colosi saddles are made for your specific make of instrument. I'll only go with bone or inlaid ebony though. After going back and forth between this and bone, I finally realize the benefits of this saddle. This saddle is not for every instrument: If your guitar is already bright, this may make it just too bright. Add to Wish List. 'Eighth of January - Backing Track' 6 days, 'The 8th of January - Guitar/Banjo Harmony' 6 days, 'Message from Banjo Ben Clark - Tony Rice Passing' 17 days, 'Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar E/Em Chord Strum' 18 days, 'How to play cripple creek back up chords and strum' 18 days. I do my saddle work outside. My advice is to go SLOWLY when grinding--be very, very patient. I don't know of anyone doing that for generic production ukes, though. 2013 Taylor 314 Acoustic Guitar with upgraded case. The flatpicked guitar reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument.