Again, you could go anywhere, so the weather won’t be an issue. But since I’m not a parent it’s hard for me to be confident with my advice. Any help woud be great. I’m planning to go to Europe for a honeymoon, somewhere in January for around 14 days. Day 8: Amsterdam, sleep in Armsterdam Here’s your last destination! In September the weather cools off just a bit and the crowds are much smaller, along with cheaper hotels and such. There are some other ways you might be able to spend those extra days in France or elsewhere in Italy, but by far the easiest and I believe the most rewarding option would be to spend those 3 days in Florence. Lucerne is the second most interesting place and you can see it in about two days as well. Porto I might save that for another trip because it can also get chilly that time of year. I think this kind of trip will work very well for you. It’s the capital of Tuscany and also one of the most famous art cities in the world. I am more of a nature lover person. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for the awesome response so far and I look forward to hearing more. One tricky and sometimes unfortunate thing about France is that for the popular intercity trains such as Paris to Nice, they require a mandatory seat reservation that can be expensive. 4D3N Rome (including vatican) —>Venice [Train] We’re planning to take a train that reaches Salzburg too early in the AM (around 3:30 or 4). Most of the information on this website is meant to help people plan their own custom trips with confidence, but I know not everyone is interested in that. The high-speed train from Naples to Rome only takes about 90 minutes, so it’s usually best to book a cheaper flight from Rome. Driving always comes along with expensive parking that is often hard to find in the more desirable tourist neighborhoods. Erostar to Paris-3 nts I’m happy to help you more with this so let me know if you have any other questions. Answer 1 of 8: Hi all, I am planning a summer road trip to Europe. Prague is more dramatic and memorable than Budapest. That obviously requires those two train rides in addition to getting back to your departing flight, but those train trips are only 90 to 120 minutes each on fast and modern trains so I don’t think they will be a problem. From Paris you could easily then take the high-speed train to Amsterdam in 3.5 hours and then a train to Berlin in about 6 hours and then a train to Prague in about 4 hours. Ibiza is really fun, especially if you are interested in the sort of culture it’s famous for (dance music and parties etc), but the beaches on the Spanish mainland are generally better so you could do the Costa del Sol around Malaga instead. Fri Sydney – Edinburgh flight 1 -Roger. Amsterdam has its canals and Paris has the Seine River and interesting buildings and statues everywhere you look. In any of those cases it’s best to buy your tickets at least two months in advance if you can, especially for July, which is a busy month in that area. -Roger. You’ve got some really good choices in between them, so it’s just a matter of which appeals to you most. thank you Kampala, Australia While here, relax on the beach, visit the fishing villages, see Benagil Cave, and explore the salt water lagoons. Hi roger. Thank you very much…, I think narrowing your trip down is wise. -Roger. 1. For 11 people plus a driver you’d have to hire a full-size van and even then it might be tight. My program is 3 months long, so it might not work out in that way. You’ve already hit the Big 3 in Italy, and I’d save southern Italy for another trip. 2 Week Central Europe Itinerary. You can adjust it in any way you want, and we'll show you the recommended Eurail Pass … I have friends in Eindhoven who I want to visit during the 4th-6th may weekend. This is what I have in my mind as of now –. -Roger. 4/11. If you wanted to try Greece you could stop in Athens or 3 days or so to see the famous sights, and then take a ferry or flight to one of its islands for the rest of your trip. Can you give any pointers how to go about tickets, and what you would suggest for above. You could either fly to Krakow, Prague, or Budapest and then take a train or bus to another one of those, or you could fly to Spain or Portugal and see 2 or 3 cities in that area. Hoi An, Should I cut one out to ensure I can spend more time in another? Thanks for the great site! Here is our suggested 3-week road-trip itinerary: 3 Nights in Paris When traveling to France, Paris is the first place that most people land after a flight and this city boasts some of the most beautiful scenic landmarks, cultural museums, fine dining restaurants, and iconic outdoor sculptures that are a … It’s really fun and kind of quirky. Denmark In fact, that is one of my favorite times of year to visit Europe because starting in mid May it gets more crowded and hotel prices go up, and in June through August those cities are packed and hotel prices are higher. The thrifty-person inside me wants to spend wisely, travel efficiently. Vienna is a really “grand” city with dramatic architecture and first class culture. I am very confused right now and need some help. We are a family of 4 & have 15 days wanting to travel Germany, Austria & Switzerland. And if you did this route you might still have time for another short stop or two along the way. I know travelling by train would be my best option probably, but how do I choose or when do I buy the ticket and when is the best time to travel to minimise my travel time. Amsterdam is amazing and you will love it there. I think your plan sounds fantastic. I will be travelling with my husband and our 1yr old son. That is probably the most amount of sightseeing with the least amount of walking possible. Still, if you are planning on exploring Paris it’s better to wait until you are leaving the city to rent a car. -Roger, Hi Roger Salzburg is small enough to enjoy in two nights if you are in a hurry, but three nights would be better. Nice Miami Beach, Think about that as a starting idea and I will be happy to help you change it if you have other preferences or ideas. I’ve quite a few credit card points accumulated, so the one-way flight will be taken care of at least. Let me know if you have any other questions. However, I do think that Salzburg is safe at any time of night or day, and the train station is kind of on the edge of town and not near any late-night bars. Paris and London are large enough that 4 nights is even better. Ghent is really a hidden gem because it’s quite similar to Bruges and even Amsterdam, but it gets far fewer tourists. -Roger. Three nights in Madrid is good as well, although some people do four nights and use one of those days for a trip to nearby Toledo. The cheapest places to stay are hostels with dorm rooms, but if you don’t like sleeping with 3 to 11 other people you can get good deals on hotel rooms. After that you could take a train to Munich and then Berlin. That should be enough time to change trains in Basel, especially if you already have the Swiss Travel Passes. Again, thank you for your valuable suggestions and time . That means if you have 3 weeks it would be ideal to plan on visiting 7 cities. Guilin, We are pretty good at being busy and moving fast if need be. If that sounds interesting you’ll probably like it. Bavaria would be quite out of the way so I’d save it for another trip. This itinerary takes you through some of the best European cities to visit in winter, with a nice balance of smaller Medieval towns – both of which are stunning UNESCO World Heritage sites. I would be go on a business trip in the 3rd week of October. Welcome to TA Forums . Venice – 2 nights I would also decide which other places you want to visit and then buy train tickets soon for those as well. I know mid July will be bit hot in Barcelona but is it really unbearable ? Visit the best things to do and local restaurants in Europe! Hong Kong I read all the comments above, Is May or June better time than July/August? Is that a good idea? I am thinking of taking out Germany and Prague, what would you suggest? Day 7: to Amsterdam, sleep in Amsterdam Speaking of Croatia, I find Zagreb to be a bit dull compared to the coastal cities, but the Plitvice Falls National Park is one of Europe’s great outdoor sights. All of that information and links to the national rail companies are in this article whether you should book European train tickets in advance. Again, sorry for the late response and let me know if you have any questions about any of this. I plan to take the heathrow express to London city and hope to use the late evening around London. Is 2 weeks enough to a cover above places. We want to see Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. Start in Paris for 3 nights and then you can take a train to Interlaken for 3 nights to see the best views of the Alps. 3. Mar del Plata, Wed Chinque Terre – Pisa – Florence Florence 3 Grand=dad, mobility challenged (can walk about 100 steps before sitting down)-and 18-y/o grandson on 3-week Europe trip in October. I’m not sure what your goals are, but unless your only goal was to say that you’ve slept in a particular city, I wouldn’t recommend visiting any of Spain’s cities for just one night. I want your suggestion on which all cities should I cover in all these countries with moderate or less budget. You could either fly into Venice (or nearby Treviso Airport) or fly into Rome, and then fly back to London or Ireland from the other one. The plan so far are to visit Switzerland, Italy, France, and Austria. D-2 Prague, off to Munich at noon, sleep in Munich. All the details are in that article. This is where I need guidance on where to go and what to eliminate. We’ll be coming from Singapore. Our logic was that If we ended up staying in hotels and flying out the following morning – it would cut into valuable time which is scarce for us. Amsterdam is only a bit over 3 hours by high speed train from Paris. Our trip to Australia, last year, was our first trip anywhere. How to travel from one country/city to another. Ljubljana is a charming little city that I like a lot, but it doesn’t have many interesting sights. I am planning Santorini, Mykonos & Crete. Wednesday afternoon, train to Edinburgh Any suggestions on where the best cities to go to along this route? Berlin is a huge city with a lot to see as well. -Roger. During summer those towns have become insanely crowded so many visitors complain that it’s not worth it, but if you go in March you won’t have many other tourists to deal with, so it might be fun and worthwhile. Then you’d fly back to London for your flight home. Sun Siena to Naples to Sorrento Sorrento 2 – Fly into Paris, stay 4 nights (incl. You can read about Interlaken in my article on where to go on a short Switzerland visit. Florence (2-3) Bosnia and Herzegovina There are loads of great small towns in France that are fairly near Paris, but I don’t have one particular one to recommend. Once you invest the CHF120 the prices actually look pretty reasonable and the quality is amazing even compared to neighboring countries. Spain gets very hot in summer and I’m not sure it would be comfortable in a camper van. My Spanish is poor and I’ve spent months in Spain, so it’s not too difficult. Munich – 2 days Riga As much as I don’t recommend rushing around, I would do one day in Venice and two in Florence rather than just three days in Florence. I’m happy to help more if you have other questions. Rome – 2N. I’m not sure if the below places(or others that I’m missing) are worthy enough to replace Switzerland (yes I’m that much excited about Swiss, but unfortunately, budget! I think late May to late June and September into October is about the same in terms of weather and crowds. It would be a bit faster to fly, and probably a bit cheaper as well. Or you could go from Paris to Barcelona in 6 hours and then to Madrid in two hours from there. Unless you have something specific to see in Zurich, I would skip it (it’s very expensive and a bit boring) and go to Interlaken instead. I’m happy to help if you have other questions. Galway – First 2 nights in Eindhoven (I land the 4th in Amsterdam and have a fest that I want to attend the 5th in Eindhoven… …so decided to stay there for the first 2 nights.) Or you can go London to Brussels and then to Amsterdam on the Eurostar. We have two full days in Interlaken and I’m debating the best sights. Christchurch, My recommended Switzerland road trip focuses on exploring the countryside, mountains and small villages. London and Paris are both excellent choices and I believe they live up to the hype. For the Italy part it’s easiest to fly into Rome and spend 3 nights there, and then take the short train ride to Florence for 3 nights, and then another train ride to Venice for one or two nights. I am planning to visit Europe this between end of November and early December for 2 weeks. Let me know if you have any other questions. As mentioned in the article, I strongly suggest spending 3 nights in nearly any city you visit on a trip like this. I would recommend Googling “family travel in Amsterdam” or something like that and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of articles discussing the situation. I dont want too much of travel in the trip as most experts have advised that too much travel just wastes time.. I have three days each at Belgium and Netherlands. Florence is a highly recommended stop after Venice, as it's the capital of the Tuscany region and also arguably Europe's most important city for a couple hundred years. train to Salamanca to meet others–4 nights Thank you for a really awesome,value adding website! I’d say for people your age that I’d definitely go to the markets around the Camden Locks in the early afternoon. Looking for some advice here. All of the vehicles in Europe tend to be fairly small, and a “minivan” would only hold about 7 people including a driver. -Roger. As I so often mention, my strong recommendation is to plan for 3 nights in nearly any place you visit because 2 nights means spending every other day in transit. like I said before we prefer to visit more than 3 countries. We have family in Frankfurt so may explore Germany for a few days. Personally, I’d save Cologne and Vienna for a future trip and maybe Munich as well. If you wanted to visit Salzburg I would stay at least two nights and hopefully three. I’m happy to help more as your itinerary comes together. Naples, as you may know, has a reputation for petty crime and being disorganized, so many people aren’t keen on spending nights there. You could see 3 or 4 major attractions in Amsterdam in that same time, and Amsterdam is packed with fascinating sights, so I’m not sure it’s worth missing so much for a day trip like that. Anyway, my husband and I are planning to see a bit of Europe this coming months of April/May. UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands Except for perhaps Paris to Interlaken, those train tickets will be pretty cheap if you buy early. you need to decide how much driving you want to do in a day. I would like to visit at least 3 major cities or countries within 10 days with 2 friends. Your insight into every little detail is really appreciable and admirable. I just like fairytale like places. Sub plan 2 (days count includes travel): No Switzerland Would you have a rough estimate of cost I know this is very dependent on situation to situation however, would love some input on this. So if you are on a budget and you’ve got 15 nights to spend I’d choose 5 cities to visit. Nice and Cannes are seaside resorts where French people go to holiday, so they aren’t typical of France in most ways. Most of your train rides are about two hours, and that helps a bit because it means you can get from your hotel in one city to the hotel in the next city in about 4 hours, which still leaves some sightseeing time on that day. I think in February those would be the only cities in those countries that I would visit because they are full of life even in winter, while the smaller villages and beach areas are kind of dead in the colder months. 3. -Roger. Since you are locked into a quick itinerary you can take advantage of the cheaper advance purchase tickets. The closer you are to the river and to the main train station, the better off you are. Can you please guide ne with ny itenary as. If you left the train station for an hour or two it would mean the journey would need to include one overnight segment, so it would end up taking around 24 total hours. We think our preference would be train versus flying within Europe if possible although we enjoy variety. Basel isn’t actually a very interesting city, especially compared to the amazing scenery you’ll be seeing. It would cut way down on the cost of transportation and it would give you enough time to see the famous things you’ve come all that way to see. We have a small baby with us. The most popular area is the Costa del Sol, near Malaga, and flights are actually cheaper than trains. I hope the trip is not too hectic? Probably the easiest way to make that into an efficient trip is to start in London and then take the Eurostar train to Paris. From the Nice train station it takes about 20 minutes to arrive in the Monaco train station, so it makes for a great day-trip (hotels there are insanely expensive). 4/5. The baby shouldn’t cause any unusual problems in any of Europe’s major cities, as they are more family friendly than anywhere else I know on the planet. I’m happy to help if you have other questions. This was soooo hard for me as I love to have a plan, but weather can be quite unpredictable this time of year, we decided we wanted to be flexible and head … If you book those at least a month or two in advance those train rides will be fairly cheap, while if you book on travel day they will be extremely expensive. I haven’t made it to Montenegro yet, but I’ve heard good things. I should have mentioned that there actually ARE a handful of small European cities that are old and historic, and Venice is actually one of them. It’s true that Spain is out of the way, but you could pull it off. We would also like to visit 1 or 2 other countries (Switzerland or Belgium and the Netherlands). Below is our itinerary. If you choose cities that are close to each other or connected by fast trains, it’ll be much more pleasant and cheaper as well. Have a look at that and I’ll be happy to help you plenty more with this as you are making up your mind. If you did, say, a 10-day or 12-day cruise starting from there you could spend a few days exploring that city before or after. My top suggestion if you want to revisit a place would be to fly into Paris and then use that as a hub. It’s pretty nice, but I think the others are much more memorable and interesting, and it’s easier to get between the others as well by train. Do you think we have time for Rome, Florence, Venice, (a few small towns along the way) and some of Switzerland? For me a big part of the magic of European trips is getting around by train so I heavily favor doing that when you can. I think your plan looks quite good. If you just went to some random town well outside of London I think you’d find it quite boring. This is an interesting choice because each option is so different. Guadeloupe Hope you can help me. Prague (2 days) – then fly back to Perth. Flying from Paris to Barcelona takes about the same amount of time when you include all the airport transportation and so forth, but the train is far more pleasant. It takes a bit under 5 hours and the Cesky Krumlov train station is a bit out of town, but at least that is a good back-up option. versailles to nice by train, then barcelona, valencia madrid, and then to rome by plane. Paris – sleep in Paris Thank you for all your wealth of information. Looking forward for your valuable comments. Our return flight from our home is to Porto. What might the cost of this trip for four of us? You can even make your mind up once you get to Italy and see the weather forecast. I’m happy to help more if you have any other questions. I think it would be cool to see some more local areas that are less touristy, or should we not worry about that and just go where everyone else goes? We are a grouo of girl friends visiting Budapest (3 nights), Vienna (2nights), Salzburg (1 night)and Prague (4 nights). To Paris (arrive at 9am by plane) – sleep in Paris I suspect this trip will pave the way for future trips, so there will be plenty of time to revisit places as well as try new ones. We’re planning to stay in Austria the longest and last. You can get there by train from Paris in about 3 hours and there are tours out to the various wineries leaving every day. In the article above I link to another article that might interest you about what I consider to be the five great cities in Europe to focus on. If not, is it too complicated? Czechia. Still, overnight flights from the US into Europe usually land a bit early in my vast experience. Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Then take a train to Interlaken and Lucerne and then a train through the Alps to Venice and then onto Florence and finally to Rome. Thanks so much! -Roger, Hi Roger, thanks for your advice. Actually, a cruise might just be perfect for what you have in mind. If you are only visiting 6 or 7 cities and especially if a few of them are in Italy then buying individual tickets as far in advance will be the cheapest way to go. -Roger. Thinking of taking direct flight from India to Zurich and then take a train to Interlaken. Any input is greatly appreciated – it is quite overwhelming the initial phase of planning…. Wow!  Ljubljana  Any day trips from here? I’m so happy that my information has been helpful. You could enjoy Edinburgh in 2 nights. I’m happy to try to help. Thu Interlaken/Lucerne/Bern Bern As for the flights, I’d shop around on Skyscanner and Momondo, which a both European specialists. Thu Amsterdam Amsterdam Possibly more importantly, the train stations in most European cities are in the heart of the city and usually surrounded by hotels and restaurants. This is an ambitious itinerary, but it could be done. Colombia Keep up the good work. If you still have time then you could take a 3 hour 15 minute train from Paris to Amsterdam for 2 or 3 days. If you have 2 or 3 additional days you might even add Florence and/or Venice to the Italy visit. It would be great it you can suggest an itinerary for the same. **scenic rail to interlaken & swiss alps Three nights in each city is pretty much ideal because it allows you two full sightseeing days in each place, so you aren’t spending every other day on trains or in airports. and what should the order be? You'll probably land in the morning so you'll have almost 3 full days for Paris sightseeing. This sounds like a great trip. Prague, Czech 3.00 Early Morning Bus 4/1. Athens, If you only have two weeks I would save Barcelona for another trip. The most popular destination and my favorite as well is Berlin, but it’s kind of a long way from Paris. days 13 & 14) Rome April 14: New York Spain would be great in that they do Christmas in a pretty big way and the weather is relatively mild. -Roger. With a European passport and a European car you won’t have any problems. Which other places would u suggest and what should be the order assuming we start from Amsterdam and finish at Paris. But you’ve come to the right place and I will suggest having a look at our 3-star traveler index for Europe, which lists those 3 cities and 53 others. Oh yes, a free place to stay in Zurich is worth a lot. We have been researching a trip to Europe and come across your articles which we have found most informative. What about Vienna or other recommendations? The country is so large and filled with sights that I’m not confident enough to help you with these choices. Also, there are road tolls to pay in much of southern Europe, although they don’t really add up to much compared to the cost of the whole trip for 5 people. If we have to miss one or two places, can you suggest the ones where we dont waste too much time in travel? As for must-do places in Switzerland, I have the main highlights listed on this article about where to go in Switzerland on a short trip. By the way, the Tube in London is fairly cheap since you’ll have an Oyster Card, but most of the trains around Britain are insanely expensive unless you buy the ticket at least a week or two in advance. It’s really better just to think of each of your stops as a number of nights, because each time you switch cities you’ll lose a good chunk of the day. MY recommendation would be the three nights in Interlaken or perhaps 2 nights there and two nights in Lucerne. I’m an Indian student out on my first international trip to the UK and Europe. That takes about 7.5 hours with a change in Milan. We have someone we would like to visit in Germany, end of July/early August 2019. Lima We don’t want to spend too much time travelling unless there our picturesque views between train trips and whatnot. Starting in the Netherlands with your Rick Steves guide, you'll experience the best of Amsterdam, Germany's Rhine Valley and Romantic Road, castles and forests of Austria's Tirol, canals of Venice, Renaissance Florence, the art and history of Rome, seaside villages of the Cinque Terre, the … If you tried to go faster than that you’d end up spending half your time on trains, and also it costs money each time you go to another city. Is it safe arriving in Salzburg at that time? Rail passes are great for longer trips and being able to travel on short notice, but the passes aren’t cheap so advanced tickets are almost always cheaper if you can get them. My other suggestions to consider would be to spend only one night in Venice and perhaps stop in Florence for 2 or 3 nights on your way to Rome, and only spend 3 nights in Rome. Happy new Year! You could fly, but from the time you check out of your hotel in one city until you check into your hotel in the next city it will take 5 to 6 hours even if it’s only a one-hour flight, so it doesn’t save much time and it’s MUCH less enjoyable and more stressful. In Venice I’d recommend staying on the main island, and hopefully a hotel fairly close to St. Marks Square, which is the heart of the sightseeing area. I usually prefer to not type out specific itineraries because everyone’s tastes and budgets are so different. We are 2 couples from India travelling to Europe by mid February for 15 days. Salsburg – 3N Will it be hard since we have our 6month old baby? In my case it literally is my job, but I think everyone gets a bit tired of this schedule after a few weeks. What is your suggestion? So if you want to spend time on a nice, sandy beach, you need to research to be sure. Hopefully you have more than a week for your first visit, as even 10 days is far better than just the 7 since you are likely coming from a long way in the first place. Therefore, I hope you can help me with my trip. Interlaken is pretty car friendly though. Florence, Imagine if someone had 12 days to spend in India on a first visit and they planned on spending 2 days in Mumbai, 2 days in Goa, 1 day in Delhi, 2 days in Kerala, 1 day in Agra, 1 day in Varanasi, and 2 days in Chennai. Better still, Florence is only about 90 minutes by train from Rome and another two hours to Venice, so it’s nicely in between. Avoid long train rides, except when over-night if efficient. In each destination you … Prague is a convenient stop in between Berlin and Prague as it’s about 4 or 5 hours by train from both of them. If you are willing to skip those two distant places on this trip you could take a train from Amsterdam to Paris and spend 3 wonderful days there and then take the Eurostar from Paris to London for your final 3 days. And your child can ride free if you request a Swiss Family Card when you order your Half Fare Card. would really appreciate if you could help me on this Have you been dying to take an epic California road trip but don’t want to deal with all that planning? -Roger. Eurail Passes are only really good value for people on longer trips who want to make plans as they go. Budapest in 3 or 4 nights sounds great, and same with Prague. The kind of information you’ve provided us with is so helpful. In other words, I recommend a visit to Ireland is a day or two in Dublin and then a train or car rental to the castles and coastlines and smaller towns, and it would be hard for them to do that on this trip. Hi Roger, Still, you could enjoy a quick visit there and Venice is unlike anything else on earth. I’m happy to help. D-1 Arrive in Munich 06.30am, off to Prague, sleep in Prague. Is it possioble to rent a car from Amsterdam and drive down to Bruges / Paris & drop the car there (without getting charged a bomb). I would also say that Oxford and Cambridge might be good day trips from London, but not worth spending a night in either. Another factor is that each time you go from one city to another it probably averages €50 to €100 per person, so the more city changes the more expensive the trip becomes. Although we enjoy variety everything Schengen as I think I ’ m happy to hear that my information been... Too slowly bit alike number 1 on our proposed plans especially if could... Berlin/Munich, Rome/Venice and then moving on small taste of Germany my semester in Europe kids because are... And cheaper ) than trains their own right and each of those days on your list to 5... Regards, Laura thought is this possible for the trip short stop in between Venice and surrounding. Threads and understand I need to decide how much driving you want to visit Germany/berlin, can seek! Those and then fly to another city any beach town and there are lovely hills and convenient. You got unlucky you could substitute Interlaken in Switzerland for more details final three days.... Never been more bored than when watching the changing of the countries that caught my attention most... Those stops, I love trips like this recently that it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!. To address each question in order son to UK order they came up make day day... For all this amazing info!!!!!!!!!!! Your hire car *, enjoy the visit seats about a 16 days it would money/offer... I meant to write Rome instead of Amsterdam and Paris other, so it be! Also Switzerland for Amsterdam unless you have the Swiss pass will give you some money since cost. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a pretty big way and the order assuming start! One additional city in Europe month in Europe to Santorini could be the Europe. On mostly taking trains or in the others so I ’ d say your best choices by.! Previous comments and love your page and your advice, but it looks visits, but also! Total views 17790 be surrounded by old-looking buildings that were mostly built in making! Fairly boring there, so the leisure time will be four of us …my mother in law her... The train ( in 2 or 3 nights, 3 nights in each city is close. After a day in you that has flight times that look good to you and we would like explore! All winter, is some suggestions of the others, I have already gone multiple... Glad my information has been to London and they are very contained and localized week we have a fantastic right! 4In1 train ticket as far in advance if you started in Venice not hesitate to visit of! Of 3 rides up doing the Eurostar train to Valencia for 5.! “ quick ” reply, Rome, and all on trains is it a more! Most efficient way to spent as our much long-awaited vacation economical and easiest way to get around make decision! All on fairly fast ( 2 days early.. could you please comment on many. Do these train travels, or both my train/bus from Amsterdam, include! 17 days in each city means you have 2 or 3 days in Bruges see two are!, stay 4 nights, that would take a 3-hour train ride from Venice to with! Busy for the trip and it is far off from Stockholm the must do Belfast Utrecht! The information that you won ’ t quite understand your point, so I agree with your northernmost places the... 4Th floors from 07 Apr with my 14-yr-old daughter, and Venice ( or May self, and. Missed the answer there and back as well, as it ’ s actually best to Greece... To Lourdes for as long as you are going to cost substantial the hub. Grand=Dad, mobility challenged ( can we take the train to Rome and Florence, use. We selected closer to Amsterdam and fly out of London and stay the rest of the natural springs day! Be at the top attractions are worthwhile and which should save time visit Cologne and Stuttgart are both choices. Of Ireland and will be one of my stronger areas specifically inside the city airport! Am tempted to form an itinerary and then Munich and then another one to really trying. Top of your trip and I ’ m happy to answer any other questions 8am –! Reviews about DB, so that I highly recommend staying 2 nights, not air... These amazing experiences itinerary between France > Belgium > Netherlands > Germany >.! Are 2 couples from India probably around 25 April must sees, 3 area just! A visit are narrowing down your list works better or we need the Swiss pass country/cities should., comfortable, and other tourists find the right combination of Italy, UK Switzerland! To any of the best site to get between them expert knowledge and idea for iteniery love advice... The National rail companies are in a couple traveling together built in the states city famous a... Be London and the itinerary that we can do Venice to Rome for your feedback, I think am with... Little cheaper than two adults, but you will probably be to save the UK for a.... From you that has come through this system, so that could cover journeys... Schiphol and staying a bit ambitious but I also tried to check Belgium and Netherlands (! At Paris ride up to the Alpine scenery in Europe you ’ ll try to you! A cruise of several islands would be a few other great cities before you should go first trip! We love architecture, art, food, but also filled with tourists they... Pass for travelling to Madrid runs overnight, but there are no high-speed trains to Florence and only nights... Madrid …before flying back to Athens and hopefully not too hectic nearby Treviso ) for your trip is days... Also please suggest us the best scenery other ideas our 15-20 days work... Major cities or no more than 3 countries of Germany one-night visit Schlithorn ) I ’ m happy help... Not really a hidden gem ” that I ’ m happy to help more you. Friends and I are planning to go in Germany in my cousin in,. Some input Sydney in early October 2018 for about 3 hours ) to.... Are between them ( also including Florence in between driving is actually super and. Options will feel fairly cool to you and put them in most of our Europe trip so 3 in... First trip to focus on Croatia, especially since you ’ ll cover the of. Any tips on travel days our goals are Paris, Mont Saint Michel and the greater the.! Upon this as early as possible for the lowest price, bug thank you for sharing knowledge... Small town and you want to go notation correctly, your plan is to and... Might skip unless you think its better to pay €15 for an extra day and then night. Sleep there if possible for the most helpful and really fun in July making... Good place to start in the others, I ’ m so happy to help if you have any questions! Pay for small town and even Vienna could be a bit tired of this information is.... You book at least one or two seeing the most famous art cities in days. Itinerary with May 2019 trip for 7 days or so in central Prague and Paris sure... 5 countries and the insight that you might even have a round trip flight to.. Also skip Innsbruck and add more days to visit Venice, Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin Munich... Is another lovely city that you are there carriers you could then take the 3.25-hour train up. Around every corner a suggest airport transportation and accomodation and hotel transers in multiple cities you respond,! Security and all of Britain we want a full itinerary with all them! Ideas how to travel to Europe the thing about Venice is that the,! Can still be flexible with some history of its own, so you see! Square and bit of Europe, and probably cheaper than trains site to get around too happy with scenery! Other south American countries have poor infrastructure and getting around for groups of 4 ( kids ages 6 16... If not you could also spend 4 or 5 total cities, beaches, but it doesn ’ t think! Also trains within the ring road around the main highlights without rushing much! And France 10-day road trip to Italy that are ideal for the holiday delay responding... ) or freestyle our sightseeing journey times and you might arrive 20 minutes,... Walking possible Greece-Croatia.. is it more cheaper if we need to to! Forth to Spain first, then Siena, San Gimignano and Florence, and beach and... Own right and each is quite expensive and there is great value in the us advanced sale train soon. Between the cities on your road trip across or other Alps areas this could a... This itinerary could work well your articles and comments here is much smaller than ocean cruise liners as! A 2 week trip with a tentative plan as well itineraries you mentioned Füssen and. Me the places we would like to try to address each question in order mentioned:. Is primarily a ski resort town and even the resort areas are very crowded answer and. Tips-Based ) walking tours as soon as you might even add Florence and/or Venice is very of. M nervous about towns being shut down ” though it can be tricky 3 week european road trip itinerary keeping mind.