It is native toAfrica, mainly south of theSahara, and has been widely introduced into theWest Indies,Brazil,AustraliaandEurope(e.g. They have a large, round body that has black feathers with white speckles. Take a stroll through our Rainforest Aviary for your chance to see them up close and personal! The Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) is the best known species of theguineafowlbirdfamily,Numididae, and the only member of the genusNumida. They weigh about 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs), both males and females are around the same size. Description: Helmeted guineafowl are very distinct with a large dark grey and white spotted body, white featherless face and reddish knob or helmet on the top of their small head. Numida - guinea fowl genus Numida bird genus - a genus of birds Numididae, Numidinae, subfamily Numididae, subfamily Numidinae - guinea fowl … Guineafowl are mentioned in Greek mythology. It’s almost like they’re singing a duet together. The helmeted guinea fowl, unlike all other guinea fowl, has a horn-like casque on its head (which looks like a helmet) rather than a crown of feathers. Helmeted Guineafowl bird information Values; Conservation status: LC - Least concern: Synonyms: Helmet Guineafowl, Guineafowl, Helmet-Guineafowl, Tufted Guineafowl, Gray-breasted Helmet Guineafowl, Common Guineafowl, Grey-breasted Helmet Guineafowl, Wattle-nosed Guineafowl: Old latin name for bird: Numida reichenowi, Phasianus meleagris: Order Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality. It has a characteristic helm-shaped bony protrusion on its head. Helmeted Guineafowl. Bird from Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea. Like other guineafowl, this species has an unfeathered head, in this case decorated with a dull yellow or … Helmeted Guineafowl that have long been established on the southwestern Arabian Peninsula from the Mecca area to southern Yemen may be either native or introduced, and proximity suggests that these are most likely “Ethiopian.” The helmeted guineafowl is the best known of the guineafowl bird family, Numididae, and the only member of the genus Numida. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Africa photos available for quick and easy download. About Our Animals: The Zoo has a flock of guinea fowl that roam the African Savanna. They weigh about 1.3 kg. There are nine subspecies of Helmeted Guineafowl. Ecology. The body plumage is gray-black spangled with white. Your Helmeted Guinea Fowl stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. The helmeted guineafowl is a large bird with a round body and small head. The Helmeted Guineafowl is about 42-47 cm (17-19 inches) tall, with a wingspan of 25-28 cm (about 10 inches). In this article, I am going to talk about Helmeted Guineafowl profile, facts, sound, eggs, feather, call, etc. The helmeted guineafowl has a bony casque or helmet on top of its head from which it derives its name. The wings are medium in size, with a rounded edge. History Talk (0) Share. The helmeted guineafowl weighs about 1.2 kg. The rare varieties are crested Guinea Fowl and Vulturine Guinea Fowl but these are not available in a lot of places, including the UK. It is said they were domesticated in Africa more than four thousand years ago by ancient Egyptians. Check out Australia Zoo’s Helmeted Guineafowls! Guineafowl, particularly the helmeted variety, have a long history of domestication. They weigh about 1.3 kg. Guineafowl are widespread throughout much of Africa and inhabit bush, forests and grasslands. They weigh about 1.3 kg. The body plumage is gray-black spangled with white. Meleagros was the … The helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris) is the best known species of the guineafowl bird family, Numididae, and the only member of the genus Numida.It is native to Africa, mainly south of the Sahara, and has been widely introduced into the West Indies, Brazil, Australia and Europe (e.g. It was introduced to Madagascar, Australia, southern France, Brazil and the West Indies. The helmeted guineafowl, commonly known as the tarantaal in South Africa (an Afrikaans term), is a beautiful member of the guineafowl family, and is often seen in groups in the wild and in residential areas. Product #: gm1133369840 $ 33.00 iStock In stock Although they are accomplished flyers, they prefer to run on the ground. Males will also challenge any intruders that come too close. The Helmeted Guinea fowl is a large bird, 53 to 58 cm (20 to 22 in), with a round body and small head. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Agriculture photos available for quick and easy download. They are native to Africa and the most common of the Guinea fowl, the “helmeted Guinea fowl” have been introduced in many other countries around the world including the US. southern France). This species occurs in Africa south of the equator. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images 0 rating rating ratings This camera watches over Gowrie dam on Djuma Game Reserve, in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa. Both sexes are similar in appearance. Helmeted guinea fowl are both monochromatic and monomorphic…basically, that’s another way of saying that they look and act alike. Guinea fowl are birds within the order of Galliformes, which also includes such birds as turkey, grouse, chickens, quail and pheasant, along with a few others. The name comes from the reddish crest on the top of the guineafowl… Product #: gm866582776 $ 12.00 iStock In stock Helmeted guinea fowl are the original birds from which domestic guinea fowl were bred. Frequently domesticated and included in exotic bird collections, the helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris) is an easily recognizable bird and the most widespread game bird in Africa. The skin color can be white, blue or red. Helmeted Guineafowl, Numida meleagris, Samburu, Kenya.